Hawkwind on the Internet

The main reason I started this web site was because the Hawkwind Fan Sites that covered much of the ground were falling silent – Starfarer, Hawkeye, etc all seemed to stop updating a few years back. Initially I was just going to archive their content here for personal use, but then I got caught up in the 50th Anniversary fun and thought I’d put something together from scratch, even if it was just to highlight the gaps in my collection.

I also found out that there’s still lots of good work going down and some of the information I thought I might have to pull together was already out there. Here are the main places I’ve found that are still active: 

www.hawkwind.com/ The band’s web site and a useful place to check into occasionally. There is a forum but it’s not terribly active. 

Hawkwind Official Facebook Group – A great group of folk if you’re on Facebook.

The Hawkwind Bootleg Emporium and The Hawkwind Bootleg Emporium on Facebook – A great site for collectors with a Facebook group worth checking out if bootlegs are your thing.

Any more I should know about?

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