Update: Cuttings

Pleased to confirm there are now around 130 Hawkwind press clippings across the three pages so far launched under the Cuttings banner. Still want to add pages on Gig Reviews and Album/Single Reviews but they’ll have to wait a while as I want to go round some of the other pages now and add more content elsewhere. The shorter clips have been bundled together in a single .pdf for download and the longer pieces into their own single .pdf files.

Again, I’d like to credit the work done by previous web authors, particularly Starfarer and Hawkfanfare where much of the source material was rescued from (via The Wayback Machine). Hopefully this makes it a little simpler to track down some of this material. Would still like to find more scans of the original material where possible.

Anyway, enjoy – corrections, additions etc all welcome!

Stephen D.

One thought on “Update: Cuttings

  1. I’ve put the initial batch of cuttings up but am not entirely happy with the structure so am going to have a think before I do any more – I’d like to find a way of having the text on site so it’s searchable but it’s a lot of hassle with WordPress so some research is required.


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