Compilation Albums

Ugh. Dozens of these, mostly appalling. Really, don’t bother unless you see one at a charity shop for less than a quid.
The following major label compilations are the best of the bunch but not really necessary if you’ve got the original releases.

Roadhawks (1976)
Masters of the Universe (1977)
Repeat Performance (1980) (Vinyl Only)
Angels of Death (1986) (Vinyl Only)
Spirit of the Age (1988)

Stasis (The UA Years 1971 – 1975) (1990)
Tales from Atom Henge (1992)
Psychedelic Warlords (1992)
Epocheclipse – 30 Year Anthology (1999)

Epocheclipse – The Ultimate Best Of (1999)
Masters of Rock (2002)
The Collection (2006)
Spirit of the Age (2008)
The Dream Goes On (2008)
Spacehawks (2013)

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