Any Questions?

Melody Maker – 5 February 1972

Q. How did Hawkwind get their name and how do they define their music? – Robert A. Wingate, Malvern.

A. Well, it all started as a joke, because Nik Turner has a prominent proboscis and suffers from indigestion! But really it goes a lot deeper than that, because we’re all deeply involved in ancient mythology and numerology. The hawk represents a winged god in Egyptian mythology and is a symbol of strength and power in Pagan mythology. It is a dominating bird of prey, with a strong spirit, travelling on the wind. The title is also connected with Hawkmoon, a character devised by famous science-fantasy writer Michael Moorcock, in his story of the runestaff, an ancient staff with great powers of good. All our names and the title Hawkwind have powerful influences when worked out in numerology. We play extra-terrestrial music, in which we try to get the audience involved. Participation creates energy and through the energy it is possible to make experiments. We are working on all kinds of sound developments, because sound has different points which can either make you feel good or bad. It’s a matter of getting them sorted out. – DAVE BROCK, Hawkwind.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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