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Melody Maker – 12 September 1970

WHEN I saw Hawkwind at the Lyceum on August 2, they had an instrument which looked like a little table on legs. It produced some beautiful electronic sounds. What was it? – Stefan Signer, Wimbledon.

What you saw was two music stands used as a table, on which stood two audio generators connected in stages to an oscillator, an echo-unit and a stereo amplifier. We assembled this apparatus ourselves, guided by our electronics genius, Dikmik. It is a cheap version of the Moog Synthesizer and we call it the Hawkwindiser! The effects we get out of it are somewhat mind-bending. They can make people really ill and even send them into a trance. The sounds are not necessarily audible, as the frequencies are so high pitched that they are beyond the human ear. But they can be sensed or felt. The whole thing works a bit like a voo-doo. But our aim is to produce sounds which will create exactly the opposite effect and make people feel happy and really good.
– Guitarist-vocalist DAVE BROCK, Hawkwind.