Drummer Strips at Lincoln Show

Drummer Strips at Lincoln Show
Lincolnshire Chronicle – 2 March 1971

Pop group drummer, Terry Ollis, stripped off on stage at Lincoln Theatre Royal last night, but remained discreetly hidden behind his large drum kit. Ollis was the driving force behind Hawkwind, the top group in a concert which virtually filled the stalls and circle of the theatre. With sweat pouring off him, Ollis stripped to the waist early in the group’s set, and soon afterwards took off his trousers. But no-one in the audience seemed offended by the strip. A fuller report of the concert will appear in next week’s “Poppin’ Around”.

Drummer’s Stage Strip – The Bare Facts
Lincolnshire Chronicle – 5 March 1971

A pop group drummer was supposed to have stripped naked on stage on Monday. The incident came during a pop show when the drummer, Terry Ollis of Hawkwind, threw discretion to the wind. But he did remain hidden from most of the audience – behind his drum kit. After the show, promoter Jim Kirbyshaw said, “He’s absolutely no dress sense”. Theatre administrator Bryan Newton said “We will have to try and be a bit more careful in the future.  I will be talking to the promoter about future shows, to make sure we have an idea about what a group is going to do.”  But the bare facts are, as theatre officials discovered later, that drummer Ollis had been wearing skin-tight, flesh-coloured briefs!

Concert Is A Winner – Thanks To Jo Ann
Lincolnshire Chronicle – 9 March 1971

Naked drummer Terry Ollis stole so much of the attention at last week’s Theatre Royal gig that many
people forget it was the best yet. The change from the “two group formula” made all difference, and the “surprise guests” were far better than one could have hope for, writes Steve Goodwin. It was just as well, since John Peel, who had, I imagine, been responsible for drawing a large part of the crowd, failed to materialize. Newark group, Cherokee Smith opened the proceedings but fell rather flat. However, Dave Turner, a sort of Monty Python of the folk song kept the audience laughing for forty minutes and put the show back on its feet. Another surprise came after the interval when Jo Ann Kelly took the stage for a better set, I think, than Hawkwind’s. A real professional, her guitar playing was immaculate and her voice must be the only British female one which does justice to the blues.

Hawkwind’s turn came with very few of the audience really knowing what to expect. The lights went off the stage and a dazzling strobe began flashing on the audience. Dave Brock on guitar and vocals, Nick Turner on sax, vocals and flute, Dave Anderson on bass, and Ollis on drums are all competent musicians, but it was Ollis who made the big impression. And not just because of his strip, for with or without his clothes, he is a superb drummer.

-Steve Goodwin

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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