Fed-up Hawkwind Return Home for Rest

Record Mirror – 5 October 1975

Group seized in US

After numerous hassles, including getting arrested for income tax evasion, Hawkwind have decided to break their American tour and return to England. But they will probably go back in a couple of weeks to help promote their latest album, Hall of the Mountain Grill, which has entered the American charts at 130 with a bullet.

A spokesman for the band said that with their morale sinking lower and lower they felt they could not continue touring for the moment.

All eighteen members of Hawkwind, including dancer Stacia, the entire road crew and manager Doug Smith were arrested in Hammond, Indiana.

The group were touring the USA for the third time when agents of the Inland Revenue Service seized them at the end of their show in Hammond, for the alleged non-payment of an eight-thousand dollar revenue bill dating from their last USA tour in January this year.

The group were seized by a number of plain clothed agents, pushed into their dressing rooms, interrogated, and each member was handed an individual tax claim for 1055 dollars.

They were taken back to their hotel where they were held until their thirty thousand pounds worth of equipment was picked up and then impounded by the revenue service agents.

Manager Dog Smith said: ‘We were staggered by the whole thing. Our legal advisors in New York who had been consulting with the I.R.S. for the past four weeks assured us that we were not eligible for tax payment on our last tour, as we only broke even.

‘They gave us forty-eight hours to come up with the money otherwise they would have sold the equipment they were keeping under armed guard. They did not give us a receipt for the equipment impounded, either!’

Their next British tour starts mid-December.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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