Festival's Official Buskers

Unknown Source – June 1969

London buskers Meg Aitken and Dave Brock are on the official programme of the City of London Festival, which will run from July 4 to 17. 

It will present an extremely varied gathering of talent, including the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, Yehudi Menuhin’s festival Orchestra, a number of ensembles and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

There is to be music hall in the cellars of Whitbreads, the only brewery within the City boundaries, poetry, pop music and a “Prom in the Piaza” in Paternoster Square. Student painters will show their work in an open-air exhibition.

A word of warning to those planning to visit Whitbreads’ 200-year-old cellars for the music hall. A poster on the wall advertising “London Stout – 2s 6d doz. bottles” dates back to about 1904.

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