Group Pops Up in the Nude

Yorkshire Post – 8 July 1971

Hawkwind, a pop group booked to play at a youth festival pop concert on July 18, are expected to appear on stage in the nude.  Mr. Tom Spencer, one of the organizers of the York International Youth Festival, said yesterday that Hawkwind, one of the groups featured at the open-air concert in the Museum Gardens, were supposed to play in the nude – “but at the moment I have no further details of their act.”

He described the festival as the cheapest in the country at 50p a head.  “It will be an opportunity for everyone to take part.  This is for the people of York and we would have liked every event to be free, but the corporation would not allow that.  It is going to be the most compact and exciting two weeks of the whole celebration and everyone is going to be able to afford to see it.”

Mr. Robert Shepherd, Deputy City Treasurer at York, said “The corporation has advanced £6,000 towards the youth festival and we expect a nominal income of about £1,000, making a deficit of £5,000.  We wanted to make it as cheap as possible to give all the young people in the area the opportunity of enjoying it,” he said.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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