Hawkwind to Split?

Melody Maker – 6 May 1972

HAWKWIND is in danger of disbanding following the theft of their van containing £8,000 worth of equipment.

The white Transit was stolen from Russell Road, Palmers Green, London, last Thursday.

The van was later recovered but the equipment, which was uninsured, had been removed. The group is offering a reward of £500 for information leading to its recovery. Unable to afford replacement, the group will probably be forced to disband without it.

Already they have had to cancel all gigs apart from Bickershaw, where they will be able to use the festival’s sound system.

A spokesman for UA, the group’s record company, anticipated that the thieves would probably try to transport the equipment to the continent as it would be too readily identifiable to sell in Britain.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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