Oggi vi Presentiamo Hawkwind (Today We Present Hawkwind)

Ciao 2001 (Italy) – 1 July 1973

Genre: Electric (Space) Rock
Brief History: Founded in the summer of the ’69 by Dave Brock, John Harrison and Mick Slattery.   Later the same year they were joined by DikMik, Nik Turner, Terry Ollis and the bassist, Dave Anderson, ex- Amon Duul II.  Subsequently, Anderson was replaced by Lemmy, and towards the end of ’71 Del Dettmar joined on synthesizer.  Shortly afterwards, Terry Ollis was replaced on drums by Simon King.  The most recent arrivals have been the flautist Bob Calvert and the dancer Stacia.  Emerging from the underground, they reached a mass audience in 1972 when their single “Silver Machine”, got into the U.K. Top Ten.
Label: Liberty- United Artists
Producer: Dave Brock, Del Dettmar, Doug Smith
Discography: Hawkwind, In Search Of Space, Doremi Fasol Latido.  The band are in the course of recording a new LP, which they intend to be a space rock opus.


Instrument: Dick Knight Custom and Milner 6-string guitars, Tony Zemaitis 12-string guitar
Education: self-taught
Favourite Musicians: Big Bill Broonzy, Velvet Underground.

Instrument: Conn alto sax, Collonean flute
Musical Training: two years’ saxophone and clarinet lessons
Main compositions: Brainstorm, Master of The Universe
Favourite Musicians: Miles Davis, Charlie Parker.

Instrument: audio generators, oscillator, percussion
Musical Training: no
Favourite Musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan

Instrument: Vocals
Musical Education: no
Main compositions: Loads of poetry, Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters
Favourite Musicians: Velvet Underground, John Lennon.

Instrument: Hopf bass, Fender Telecaster guitar
Musical Training: self-taught
Favourite Musicians: Beatles, Hendrix.

Instruments: Hayman drums
Musical Education: self-taught
Favourite Musicians: Beatles, David Bowie.

Instruments: synthesizer VCS3 and keyboards
Musical Training: piano lessons.  Has also played with: Cochise, Juicy Lucy, Edgar Broughton, Pete Brown
Favourite Musicians: Thelonius Monk, Charlie Mingus.

Dance – influenced by the great ballerina Isadora Duncan.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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