Prediction ‘72

Record Mirror – 8 January 1972

Record Mirror’s clairvoyant staff peep into the crystal ball and predict 1972 stardom for some recent – and not so recent – arrivals on the scene.

For me, the group to make it in 1972 must be Hawkwind. An etheral search for cosmic consciousness – that is one way of putting where they’re at. The medium of sci-fi musical projection being the message – that’s another.

Their roots are in what the overground used to call the underground, but their common ideal based on a commune concept has been finding snowballing acceptance on the campus circuit. And it’s about to break even bigger.

In some ways, they’re just a band of roadies. Certainly toting gear has been a background common to saxman Nik Turner; to Dik-Mik, who plays synthesiser; and to Del Dettmar, who plays oscillators. And guitarist/singer Dave Brock, drummer Terry Ollis and bassist Lemmy complete the present line-up.

My view is that without detracting from their individuality, Hawkwind’s musical ID uses space and time as the backdrop for their odyssey. What’s more, they are unorthodox to the point of being unique. And the scope of their developments at musical level is free from pre-conceptions. Since their heads have already developed and seen the turn of the next century, 1972 to them is just another year in the present past. Get the idea? But for the rest of us, I reckon Hawkwind could well be the shape and sound of things to come.

Del Dettmar and the rest of the Hawkwind outfit are at the Manchester Hardrock this Thursday, and venture within the grim portals of Wandsworth Prison on Wednesday to entertain the inmates. They also play the Liverpool Stadium on Saturday September 30th (?), supported by Brinsley Schwarz, the Sutherland Brothers & Spyder King, with tickets at 70p. The show is being put on by Triad, on behalf of Clearwater.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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