Tripping the Light Fantastic

Melody Maker – 12 August 1972

FOR a girl brought up by nuns to strip off on stage before hundreds of people may seem somewhat anomalous.

But Stacia, who performs with Hawkwind, goes into her act with no inhibitions and firmly but gently discounts any suggestion that she falls into the “stripper” category.

Not that she scorns strippers. She would not dispute that “maybe 99 per cent” of such ladies’ acts are motivated by erotic content. “But some of them are real artists,” she says.

“And they must fulfil a need,” says Stacia with benign tolerance. She is certainly not prepared to pass any adverse judgement on them. Stacia categorises her act with Hawkwind as ‘ free-form dancing.

‘ It’s something like Isadora Duncan,” says Stacia. And modestly adds: “Though she was a million times better than I am. But she is my idol.”

Stacia regards her original motivation in disrobing as a means of overcoming an inherent shyness and lack of self-confidence.

“I was always conscious about my height,”- she says. ” I’m six foot tall, and when I was younger (she’s still only 19) I was always stooping to disguise my height”

Stacia, who comes from Exeter, had a variety of jobs before she joined Hawkwind. She worked as a bookbinder, in a garage, and in the record shop of a department store in Exeter.

“But I was always interested in dancing and acting,” she recalls. “Another of my interests was classical music – Delius, Mozart, Verdi, Wagner, Dvorak. That was when I was about eight.

“Then I listened to the Beatles, and jazz stars like Stan Getz, Billie Holiday and Dizzy Gillespie. Dancing and acting were my main interests, but I was really too big and heavy to adopt these as a career.

“I first heard Hawkwind at the Isle of Wight Festival – the one with Jimi Hendrix. Then I met them again when I went to London where they were rehearsing – at the Middle Earth.

“Then they went back to the West Country again, and they were playing the Flamingo, Redruth, when I got up on stage and started dancing. It was one of those impromptu things that just happened.

“I wasn’t wearing any clothes on that gig; I had just covered my whole body in paint.

“No; people watching did, not regard it as a sexual thing. Hawkwind don’t attract that type of audience. They reacted to my dancing as an expression of freedom.

“That’s when I started to do occasional gigs with Hawkwind. By then, I had started to wear costumes. Before that, it was just paint.”

Stacia does not always disrobe. One gathers that she reacts to the music as the mood takes her.

Stacia admits that outre suggestions have been put to her. ” Somebody once approached me to do a pornographic film” she says. “I reacted quite violently – not physically, but verbally. I would never contemplate anything like that.”

And how do the male members of Hawkwind treat Stacia? “I regard them as brothers, and they treat me like a sister.”


A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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