Upheaval in Hawkwind

Goes It Alone – Upheaval in Hawkwind
NME – 12 May 1973

The NME understands there is considerable upheaval within the Hawkwind ranks at present, although no official confirmation could be obtained from their management. The group’s recording company, United Artists, admitted that they were ‘having their problems’ and imitated that a line-up change was imminent.

Bassist Lemmy is believed to have left Hawkwind before they departed for their self-promoted German tour, from which they have recently returned. And it is understood that electronics mand Dik Mik has either left or is about to depart from the band’s line-up.

Speaking of lead guitarist Dave Brock, a UA spokesman told the NME: “I’m told he has taken himself off somewhere and is getting uptight and refusing to play with the band. Plans may be afoot to make his departure a reality, as the group have had to play several gigs without him.” Brock has recently been recording a solo album.

It is not thought there is any question of Hawkwind splitting, as they are scheduled to play Wembley Empire Pool for promoter Peter Bowyer on May 27, and an American tour is subsequently being lined up for them. But, if current reports are substantiated, it appears they have certain internal problems to resolve before undertaking these commitments.

Hawkwind: Problems Resolved
NME – 19 May 1973

Reported upheavals in Hawkwind have now been resolved, with the band back to full strength for their May 27 concert at Wembley Empire Pool. They begin a visit to Holland on June 1, and are currently negotiating British, American and Japanese tours.

Bassist Lemmy, who missed the start of Hawkwind’s recent German tour, was apparently ill but re-joined the band after three gigs. Electronics man Dik Mik left temporarily – “he leaves practically every week” according to their manager – but will be appearing at Wembley and on other British dates, although he’s expected to miss the Dutch tour.

Poet Bob Calvert re-joined the band last week after a short absence spent writing new material – for Hawkwind and his own projected group Captain Lockheed and the Starfighters. Guitarist dave brock is also preparing new material for the band, and a spokesman this week denied that he had missed any Hawkwind gigs or had any intention of leaving. The new double album ‘The Space Ritual Alive at Liverpool Stadium and Brixton Sundown’ is released by United Artists this week – packaged in a six-page full-colour fold-out sleeve.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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