Whatever Turned Me On – Dave Brock’s Influences

New Musical Express – 5 August 1972

VELVET UNDERGROUND – I thought their first and second albums were particularly good. I like the bands basic simplicity. They almost stick to three chords – almost like us. Also, it’s a very acid sort of music.

STEVE MILLER “Sailor” – I liked this for the same reasons. When it came out I was hanging around the Gate, and it brings back memories. Again it’s a fairly simply structured music – 67 music, really good old psychedelia which has just progressed a bit maybe. I think that all the Miller albums I’ve heard – up to number five – are really good.

THE WHO “Who’s Next” – This was really the first one of theirs that I liked. They use major chords in such a majestic way, and on this one they started to get into electronics. It’s an inspiring album.

KRAFTWORK (A German Band) – I guess I’m more into music than lyrics. There’s an album by this band that I particularly dig, because they’ve really got into electronic music. I think the album is about a year and a half old now, but along with Can they’re probably my favourite German band. They use electronics in the right way. Like a lot of electronic records are f—— rubbish because they aren’t in the right context. Like I thought the Pierre Henri / Spooky Tooth album was diabolical because it was just two tapes put on top of each other.

Kraftwork are doing things I’d like to see Hawkwind get into. At the moment we seem to be more of a rock band than anything. But I’d like to move more into electronics.

HERBIE HANCOCK “Crossings” – This is one of the newer things I really dig. It’s hard to classify – I suppose it’s a combination of avant garde jazz. Also synthesisers are used to good effect.

SCRAPPER BLACKWELL, LEROY CARR, JELLY ROLL MORTON – I like a lot of the old blues things – I used to have a huge collection of New Orleans stuff especially. Morton in particular was incredible….some of his chords were incredible. He was quite a revolutionary for his time.

I had to sell my whole blues collection at a time when I was hard up. I’d like to get some of those records back.

MOODY BLUES “Threshold Of A Dream” – This meant a lot to me. I think the Moody Blues have gone off a bit now, but at one time you could be sure that their album would be very good. I dig this one because I used to hear it while going round to peoples houses and getting stoned and once again it brings back memories. Actually I think it has a lot to do with why you like certain records because all the time you’re changing, and it’s nice to hear things that bring back certain experiences.

A Plastic Fragment Hawkwind Press Cutting

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