There have been a number of fan produced newsletters, magazines and one-off booklets produced over years – many featuring great artwork and quality writing. The dawning of the internet has dimmed the demand for printed material a bit, which is a great shame.

I want to do much more on these when I have time, but for now here’s a taster. I don’t want to put too much up without getting the permission of the creators.

Hawkfan (Brian Tawn)

Some of my Hawkfan Editions
And in between Hawkfan edition there were the Hawkwind Feedback news-sheets a couple of times a year.

Since the first newsletter was sent out in 1979 there have been over 50 editions of Hawkfan and its still in business today! Brian has produced Hawkfan #12 as a limited edition LP and published Dude’s Dreams, a special on the music of Michael Moorcock.

Hawkfrendz (Trevor Hughes)

Trevor Hughes ran the Zephyr/Hawkfrendz imprint which self-published a variety of titles about Robert Calvert, Hawkwind, cannabis, comics and other music acts. There were 35 editions under the Hawkfrendz banner plus a few other individual titles. Similar to Brian, he produced a newsletter on Hawkwind in between titles.

Some of the Hawkfrendz titles.
Hawkfrendz Newsletters

After fifteen years or so of activity the publications stopped around 2008 and I’ve not been able to establish exactly why. A pity, as some of these – especially the Bob Calvert pieces, were excellent.

HawkEye (Adrian Parr)

Hawkeye was a fanzine that flared briefly in the mid-1990s. It was put together by Adrian Parr and lasted for 8 issues and a couple of tie-in titles. Adrian also ran the Hawkeye on Hawkwind website. The website updates and magazine publishing both stopped in 2008.

A couple of the HawkEye ‘zines.

Other Titles

There are other titles I’m aware of, and doubtless a few I’m not. There’s A long running German title, Hawkzine, printed in German, but still going strong. I picked up #4 of a fanzine entitled Warriors at the Edge of Time and another (also #4) of Urban Guerilla but know no more about either at present.

If I can get the necessary permissions, or at least confirm the titles are definitely redundant, I’ll add some full issue scans when I have time.

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