Books About Hawkwind

There are a few good books out there and some new titles appearing – check out Amazon for reviews and availability – some of the older titles seem to fetch a premium on eBay but you might get lucky.

Hawkwind on Track: Every Album, Every Song
(Duncan Harris Mar 2020)
Pre-Order from AmazonUK
Hawkwind: Days of the Underground
(Joe Banks Mar 2020)
PreOrder from AmazonUK
Hawkwind: Sonic Assassins
(Ian Abrahams 2nd Edition 2017) Updated and Revised version of 2004 title
Order from AmazonUK
The Music of Hawkwind
(Chris Wade 2016)
Order from AmazonUK
Reasons to be Cheerful: The Life and Work of Barney Bubbles
(Paul Gorman 2008)
The Saga of Hawkwind (Carol Clerk 2nd Ed 2006)
Hawkwind: Sonic Assassins
(Ian Abrahams 1st Edition 2004)
The Illustrated Collector’s Guide to Hawkwind (Robert Godwin 1995)
This is Hawkwind: Do Not Panic
(Kris Tait 1984)

Books by Hawkwind & Family

A selection of autobiographies, poetry collections and novels. I’ve also included some miscellaneous Hawkwind publications such as the 1985 Lyric book and the odd album inserts. Tour Programmes have their own page here.

Sonic Assassin – A Life (Paul Hayles 2019)
Order from AmazonUK
White Line Fever: Lemmy: The Autobiography (Lemmy Kilmister 2nd Ed 2016)
Order from AmazonUK
The Spirit of Hawkwind 1969-1976 (Nik Turner 2015)
Order from AmazonUK
The Earth Ritual (Poetry) (Robert Calvert 1987)
Hype (Novel) (Robert Calvert 1981)
Centigrade 232 (Poetry) (Robert Calvert 1977)
Queens of Deleria (Novel) (Michael Butterworth 1977 Preface by Michael Moorcock)
The Time of the Hawklords (Novel) (Michael Butterworth 1976 Preface by Michael Moorcock)


Hawkwind Lyric Book (1989)
Church of Hawkwind Booklet (1982)
Hawkwind Log (Insert for In Search of Space LP)(1971)

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