TV Talkin’ Web Archive

Back in the early 2000s I ran a music web-site that focused on video recordings of my favourite artists, including pages on Hawkwind Do Not Panic.. Hawkwind on Film and TV. Work and life of course eventually got in the way and the site stopped being updated around 2006.

I still have the source HTML for these pages and reproduce some of them here in .pdf format for anyone interested. This new site is on WordPress so I can’t fully integrate the old pages and anyway they’re somewhat out of date and the formatting for some reason is all pretty small but such was the style back then for a lot of sites.

I was very into DVD-R Trading in those days but have let most of that side of things go – not enough hours in the day to watch the amount of material now circulating – and, to be totally frank, a lot of it wasn’t that great (very dark, muddy sound) but it was always great when you unearthed a real gem.


Hawkwind Film & Video Timeline 1967-2005

I thought this was quite good at the time and it didn’t seem to have been covered anywhere else back then. All a bit out of date now, but might be of interest to the ardent collector.

TV Talkin’ Hawkwind DVDs

I still have the DVDs and also the artwork – if I ever get time I might re-post it all….

Hawkwind Albums to 2005

The Albums Page has been updated on Plastic Fragment but this is still a handy checklist.

Hawkwind Tickets

There’s a new page on Plastic Fragment for Tickets, hopefully mostly in larger format – I don’t know why these were so tiny!

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