There wasn’t much by way of merchandising on the 2019 50th Anniversary Tour (an opportunity missed judging by the crowds round the stall) but one thing that there was to remember the evening by was…. flags!

A set of 12 based on favourite album covers. Selling for £1 each or £10 the set at York as I recall. At the Royal Albert Hall there was a free one on each seat in the stalls – I suspect we were supposed to wave them during the encore but I didn’t spot any!

The album covers featured included: Hawkwind, In Search of Space, Doremi Fasol Latido, Space Ritual, Hall of the Mountain Grill, Warrior on the Edge of Time, Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music, The 1999 Party, Choose Your Masques, The Chronicle of the Black Sword, Blood of the Earth, and All Aboard the Skylark.

The Hawkwind 50th Anniversary Flags