The Lost Sites – Spirits of the Internet Age

The main reason I started this web site was because the Hawkwind Fan Sites that covered much of the ground were falling silent – Starfarer, Hawkeye, etc all seemed to stop updating a few years back. Initially I was just going to archive their content here for personal use, but then I got caught up in the 50th Anniversary fun and thought I’d put something together from scratch , even if it was just to highlight the gaps in my collection. Anyway, I’d like to salute the sites that went before and thank them for the work they did, some of which I’ve rescued and reproduced on plastic fragment so it can still be accessed by today’s fans.


Steve Youle’s Starfarer site was launched on 5 November 2001 and had over 2 million visits by the time it wound up in 2014. It was a great smorgasbord of content, what it lacked in structure it made up for in the depth and quality of material.

The url is no longer active, but the content is still available via the Wayback Machine and you can still peruse most of the material there, though on many pages the images don’t always load. Some of the material on Plastic Fragment has come from Starfarer and I can’t acknowledge the contribution Starfarer has made to preserving Hawkwind material.


Adrian Parr’s Hawkeye site ran from 1999 to 2008 and was another comprehensive resource of information on Hawkwind and associated musicians. The site grew out of Adrian’s Hawkwind Fanzine Hawkeye which ran for 8 issues (plus a few specials) between 1994 to 1998.

Like Starfarer, the Hawkeye website is no longer active, but you can still find much of the content on the Wayback Machine. Check out the Fanzines page for more info on the Hawkeye mag.

Aural Innovations

Jerry Kranitz’s Aural Innovations site ran for 18 years between 1998 and 2016 and covered a wide range of space rock and psychedelic bands with a selection of Hawkwind content, mostly reviews.

Unlike the Starfarer and Hawkeye web sites, Aural Innovations can still be found on the web – check it out here.

Spirit of the Page

One of the services provided by the Aural Innovations site is that it hosts the archival content of a few other sites that had ceased operating, and one of these is Knut Gerwers’ Spirit of the Page, dedicated to the works of Robert Calvert.

This is a great site with lots of content and is still on-line (presumably for as long as Aural Innovations stays around) but hasn’t been updated since 2012.

and the rest..

Another classic Hawkwind web site is The Hawkwind Museum, which was run by Dave Law. Whilst the site is still up, much of the content seems to have gone, so it’s more productive to explore via the Wayback Machine. Some of the content and structure seemed to get absorbed in to the official domain.

Then there’s The Hawkwind Files, Hawkfanfare, Hawkwind Press, Jon’s Hawkwind Attic Archives, and many others that added to fun of following Hawkwind 15-20 years ago when the Internet wasn’t quite so ubiquitous and managing text, pictures and videos a lot more hassle than it is today.

I’m pleased to raise a glass to all these sites that have gone before and wish I’d done more back in the day myself (I did have a small site for a while myself, but wouldn’t compare it to some of those mentioned above). Anyway, it may be late in the game, but I’m back now with Plastic Fragment which no doubt one day will be an internet fossil too; but hopefully not for a little while yet….

Stephen D.
February 2020