Lesson Learned

So just realised the slick routine I thought I had for processing my images for the site was generating very large .png files rather than the smaller .jpg files I was expecting. I only just noticed I was racing through my space allocation and some pages were slow to load. So now I’m going back through the pages and converting and re-uploading the images, which is a tedious pain but serves me right for not checking.

I’ve found an app to help with batch conversions and I’ll work through the uploads over the next couple of days and get it right for future pages. Learning WordPress was one of the reasons I started the site so a few hiccups are to be expected I guess.

New Page: CD Releases

Well I can’t watch TV at the moment as we’ve got the decorators in so I’ve had a bit more time to work on the site. I’ve converted one of my reference lists into a quick UK CD checklist that lists the different releases of the main studio albums. Always on the lookout for remasters and special editions! If you spot any errors or omissions please point them out in the comments. Thanks, Steve.

Site Progress

Getting the hang of WordPress now and will probably just use these posts for updating on Site changes and the Twitter feed for more general updates and news. I’ve still a couple of new pages I might add but now have at least a first pass at the ones that are up, the latest being the Fanzine and 7” Singles pages. Obviously lots more I could add but I don’t want to get too obsessive over the detail, this started out as a series of checklists to identify the many gaps in my collection but I also wanted to learn WordPress and so put a bit more time in and here we are.

Anyway, I’ll continue to add stuff and maybe eventually get around to promoting the site a bit. Maybe.