There’s no shortage of Hawkwind on video, though the quality is somewhat variable. Back in VHS days there were a host of tapes released by Taste Productions and Hawkwind Merchandising that mostly haven’t been released officially on DVD but are circulating as DVD-R transfers. The following are the ‘Official’ DVD releases:

Night of the Hawks (1984)
Solstice at Stonehenge (1984)
The Chronicle of the Black Sword (1985)
Chaos (1986)
Live Legends (1990)
Love in Space (1995)
Out of the Shadows (2002)
Knights of Space (2007)
Winter Solstice 2005
USA Tour 1989-90
Treworgey 1989
Space Ritual Live (2014)
At The Roundhouse (2017)
Semi-Official VHS
Sonic Attack Tour, Glasgow 19811981
Edinburgh 19821982
Choose Your Masques Tour, Glasgow 19821982
MAG Bike Festival & Rehearsal 19831983
Hawkon – Hawkwind Convention 19851985
Bristol Custom Bike Show1986
Concerts, Festivals, Private Parties 1979-1989 1989
Bournemouth Academy1990
Brixton Academy1992
Promo Collection 19921992
Hawkwind Festivals 1984-19961996

I might do a separate page on unofficial/audience films at some point, but for now there’s an older page on this topic on the TV Talkin’ archive which is hosted on Plastic Fragment.