New Section: Cuttings

This website, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, really came into being to address the void left since the Starfarer and Hawkeye websites (and several others too) stopped being updated some years ago. Whilst you can still find much of their content on the Wayback Machine there isn’t a single, organised archive of material. In particular, something collecting the many press cuttings Hawkwind have accumulated over the years.

These pages are my attempt to fill that gap – some of it from my own research, some from archive copies from non-functioning legacy sites – Starfarer in particular.

Also a shout-out to Joe Banks for kindly sharing some of his research with me which was a big help in getting started.

This is a huge job and the current pages barely scratch the surface, but my intent is to keep adding a few new pages at regular intervals and I’ll see how far I can get it.

Comments, Corrections & Contributions welcome!